Why choose Pure iMenu ?

To give your guests the ultimate dining experience!

Visually Striking Menu

Using the high-end technology of Pure iMenu, show your guests some mouth-watering pictures and tasty descriptions of your menu and let them keep asking for more.

Increase Table Turn over

The digital restaurant menu enables you to streamline the process of order placing, decreasing human errors, improve the pace and quality of the service. This will leave a positive influence on your guests ultimately resulting in higher revenue for your F&B unit.

User-Friendly Digital Restaurant Menu

The flexible system makes it super easy to configure multiple menus, upload pictures and more for you to promote your services. Additionally, you can conveniently add, remove or modify any items on the tablet menu.

Amazing Features To Help You

All the right tools to ensure your guests love your service.

  • Extra-ordinary Digital Restaurant Menu

    Digitalizing your traditional menu, Pure iMenu allows you add various menu groups and subgroups along with restaurant info like current offers, chef's special, pictures of food items and more- right on the dashboard.

  • Effective order management

    Taking care of all your orders, Pure iMenu enables you to efficiently streamline all your orders, resulting in fewer errors, faster service and increase in revenue.

  • Easy item modifiers

    Engaging your guests more than ever, Pure iMenu allows your staff to easily add item modifiers to the order such, as adding extra cheese or avoiding sugar as per guest request.

  • Quick search facility

    Saving time and effort, Pure iMenu offers a unique option for your to swiftly search items with the quick search feature.

  • Integration with Restaurant POS

    Making the best of cloud technology, Pure iMenu seamlessly integrates with your restaurant management software, resulting in accurate billing, efficient service and enhancement of the overall dining the experience.

  • Kitchen Management System Connectivity

    Pure iMenu offers you unprecedented connectivity with your Kitchen Management System, ensuring that no orders are missed or entered more than once, avoiding wastage of resources and leading to faster service.

  • Systematic Table Management

    The table management module of our user-friendly tablet menu helps you to efficiently administer the tables at your restaurant in the web panel and take orders accordingly.

  • Hassle Free Menu Configuration

    Taking care of one of the most tiresome processes, configuring your restaurant menu into the Pure iMenu system is like a piece of cake.

Make most of our free 30 days trial

With no lock-in contract, you can use the complete version of Pure iMenu at your restaurant for 30 days- absolutely free!


Empower your restaurant with a powerful digital restaurant menu.

Pure iMenu is the combination of all the benefits of latest technology and in-depth understanding of the restaurant industry. Thus, using Pure iMenu, you can effortlessly streamline restaurant operations and increase revenue.

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Innovative Digital Menu to enhance efficiency

Ideal for all types of F&B business including restaurants, bars, fast food chains and more, Pure iMenu is developed keeping the common man in mind. Very easy to use, the tablet menu helps you to place accurate orders at a quick pace.

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Say Goodbye to Static Paper Menu and Get a Digital

From fine dining restaurant to bars and small cafes- Pure iMenu is perfect for all! If you're still using the old-fashioned paperback menu, it's time to go digital with Pure iMenu- a cutting-edge tablet menu that is loaded with top-notch features like effective order management, ability to modify orders in real time, POS integration and much more.

Digital Menu Item

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